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      自2006年以来,JAITA就开始研究这项可以监测螺栓是否太紧和螺栓是否有损坏的技术,试图监测人造卫星的紧固件。 JAITA将其独家开发的MEMS轴力传感器嵌入到螺栓,以监测螺栓的负载情况。如果测试的螺栓发生任何异常情况,轴力传感器会立刻将情况通过无线通信传送到人造地球卫星的传感器上,人们可以通过监视器了解螺栓是否异常,和具体的异常情况。需要了解更多的螺丝机信息请关注石西阿福13560215171,或登陆官网www.hifi-et.com

    Japan Developed New Technology to Monitor Bolts

      JAITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association) developed a new kind of technology with a fastener manufacturer. That’s a micro mechanical component combining mechanical structure and electronic circuits, which could be placed in bolts. This new technology could monitor whether the bolts are tight or not and whether the bolts are damaged or not.

      JAITA released that this new technology would be applied in the important safety parts like aircraft, automobiles, precision components etc. The tightening management of bolts would realize breakthrough development in future.

      JAITA had been conducting the research which could monitor whether the bolts are tight or not and whether the bolts are damaged or not since 2006, trying to monitor the fasteners of artificial satellites. JAITA imbedded its exclusive developed MEMS “shaft force sensor” in bolts and found out the load situation of bolts. If there’s any abnormal situation happen to the tested bolts, the “shaft force sensor” would immediately transfer the situation to the sensor of artificial satellite by wireless communication, and people could learn which bolt was abnormal and how the abnormal situation was by monitor.